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The Missionary Experience

Serving as a missionary in Guatemala with Encontrandome con Cristo Mission is a life changing experience. By joining our mission trip, people encounter Christ daily in prayer, mass, adoration, and the hearts of the less fortunate. Every year, missionaries primarily from the United States and Guatemala travel to poor areas in Guatemala for a one week preparation trip in November, and for a period of ten days at the end of June.


In the final days of June, a group of more than seventy-five missionaries serves one less fortunate area per year by carrying out several humanitarian projects, which each village expresses a need for. In the November prior to each June trip, a small group of veteran missionaries travels to areas that we plan on serving in the coming summer. We call this trip the  "preparation trip," which shows missionaries what  to expect and plan for the primary mission trip in June. It is also at this time when villages express their needs to missionaries, and it is decided what projects will be installed there.

What to Expect as a New Missionary

If someone is a future missionary, or considering becoming a missionary, it is important for him or her to know that Encontrandome con Cristo is a Catholic Faith Mission, not a vacation. By joining the Encontrandome con Cristo Mission Trip, missionaries are expected to follow the agenda set for the trip and dedicate their time to serving the less fortunate. Missionaries are also expected to pay their own way onto the trip, sell raffle tickets,  and raise an additional $350 to cover the cost of projects for the less fortunate. Encontrandome con Cristo Mission will not pay any personal  expenses for missionaries, because we are committed to providing 100% of all donations to the poor.  


Although our mission is strongly advertised as "not a vacation" to missionaries, a  veteran missionary will tell you that our trip is better than any vacation you will ever take. Yes, the living conditions are not exceptional, the showers are cold as ice, and the bugs are abundant, but taking part in the missionary experience serves as a life changing retreat from the busyness of the first world. You can read testimonies from veteran missionaries by clicking the button bellow.

Aside from the philanthropic side of Encontrandome con Cristo Mission, we are Catholic Faith Mission, and there are many spiritual aspects to the mission trip. If missionaries are not Catholic they will not be excluded from the trip, but they will be expected to take part in Catholic services. For more information on the spirituality of the mission trip click the button bellow.

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