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The Spirituality

We are a Catholic Faith Mission

While on the Encontrandome con Cristo Guatemala Mission Trip, missionaries take part in Catholic Services daily. At the beginning of every day, we start with a prayer service, it is during this service that we pray for all mission supporters and benefactors by name. At the end the day missionaries attend Catholic Mass lead by Father Robert Cruz, which is followed by what Father calls "power hour." Power hour is an hour dedicated to adoration before the Eucharist and daily testimonies from willing missionaries. We also celebrate the Mass at least one time with the people in the village we are serving. This Mass is very special to them because they do not have the opportunity to receive the eucharist regularly due to a lack of priests in the region. When joining Encontrandome con Cristo Guatemala Mission, missionaries are not required to be Catholic, but they are expected to take part in all activities and events on the mission trip.  


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