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Projects Continued

Community Distribution

At every community that Encontrandome con Cristo Mission reaches in Guatemala, missionaries supply and equally distribute donated goods to each family residing in that area. The goods distributed include: dried foods, citrus trees, live chickens, clothing, kitchen wares, water containers, books, hygienic products, tools, children's toys, and much more. If you are interested in donating such material goods, please email us at

Casa Hogar

Girls' Orphanage

Casa Hogar Girls' Orphanage is located in Jalapa, Guatemala and operated by the religious community of La Congregacion Marta y Maria for the purpose of housing and educating abused and abandoned girls aging from infancy to eighteen years old. La Mision Encontrandome con Cristo Mission is a large supporter of Casa Hogar, and provides large scale missionary aid to the orphanage. The orphanage is visited annually by a small group of missionaries on Encontrandome con Cristo's preparation trip in November.

Educational Scholarship Program

Founded on the belief that education is the pathway out of poverty, in 2016 Encontrandome con Cristo Mission began its Educational Scholarship Program (ESP). Encontrandome con Cristo selects young students from less fortunate areas in Guatemala whom aspire to be successful and provide for their communities in the future. Once a student is selected for this program, our mission pays for their education in full throughout their scholastic careers. Depending on how far a student continues in their studies, our scholarships will also provide for housing and meals of students educated away from home. Students who take part in this program are also required to join our mission group annually and donate 200 hours of their time to community service, which ensures that this program does not only change the futures of our scholars, but of entire communities. This program is especially significant to the lives of indigenous peoples in Guatemala because unlike in the United States, Guatemala does not provide free public education to their people.

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